Creates a column object of an explicit datatype which can be used with the Add-Table or Update-Table migrations.


New-Column [-Name] <String> [-DataType] <String> [-Sparse] [-Default <Object>] [-Description <String>] [<CommonParameters>]
New-Column [-Name] <String> [-DataType] <String> [-NotNull] [-Default <Object>] [-Description <String>] [<CommonParameters>]


Use this function in the Column script block for Add-Table:

Add-Table 'Members' {
    New-Column 'Birthday' 'datetime' 

This column is useful for creating columns of custom types or types for which Rivet doesn't have a specific function.

Returns an object that can be used when adding columns or creating tables to get the SQL needed to create that column.

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Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Name String

The Name of the new column.

true false
DataType String

The datatype of the new column, including precision/scale/size specifiers.

true false
Sparse SwitchParameter

Optimizes the column storage for null values. Cannot be used with the NotNull switch.

false false False
NotNull SwitchParameter

Makes the column not nullable. Canno be used with the Sparse switch.

false false False
Default Object

A SQL Server expression for the column's default value.

false false
Description String

A description of the column.

false false


Add-Table 'Members' { New-Column 'Birthday' 'datetime' -NotNull }

Demonstrates how to create a required datetime column.


Add-Table 'Members' { New-Column 'Birthday' 'float(7)' -NotNull }

Demonstrates that the value of the DataType parameter should also include any precision/scale/size specifiers.


Add-Table 'Members' { New-Column 'Birthday' 'datetime' -Sparse }

Demonstrate show to create a nullable, sparse datetime column when adding a new table.


Add-Table 'Members' { New-Column 'Birthday' 'datetime' -NotNull -Default 'getdate()' }

Demonstrates how to create a date column with a default value, in this case the current date. (You alwyas use UTC dates, right?) Probably not a great example, setting someone's birthday to the current date. Reasons are left as an exercise for the reader.


Add-Table 'Members' { New-Column 'Birthday' 'datetime' -Description 'The members birthday.' }

Demonstrates how to create an optional date column with a description.