Updates a row of data in a table.


Update-Row [-TableName] <String> [-SchemaName <String>] [-Column] <Hashtable> [-RawColumnValue] [-Where] <String> [<CommonParameters>]
Update-Row [-TableName] <String> [-SchemaName <String>] [-Column] <Hashtable> [-RawColumnValue] -All [<CommonParameters>]


To specify which columns in a row to update, pass a hashtable as a value to the Column parameter. This hashtable should have keys that map to column names, and the value of each key will be used to update row(s) in the table.

You are required to use a Where clause so that you don't inadvertently/accidentally update a column in every row in a table to the same value. If you do want to update the value in every row of the database, omit the Where parameter and add the Force switch.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
TableName String

The name of the table.

true false
SchemaName String

The schema name of the table. Default is dbo.

false false dbo
Column Hashtable

A hashtable of name/value pairs that map to column names/values that will be updated.

true false
RawColumnValue SwitchParameter

Don't escape/quote the column value(s).

false false False
Where String

A condition to use so that only certain rows are updated. Without a value, you will need to use the Force parameter so you don't accidentally update the contents of an entire table.

true false
All SwitchParameter

Updates all the rows in the table.

true false False


Update-Row -SchemaName 'rivet' 'Migrations' @{ LastUpdated = (Get-Date -Utc) } -Where 'MigrationID=20130913131104'

Demonstrates how to update the LastUpdated date in the rivet.Migrations table for the migration with ID 20130913131104. Don't do this in real life.


Update-Row -SchemaName 'rivet' 'Migrations' @{ LastUpdated = (Get-Date -Utc) } -Force

Demonstrates how to update the LastUpdated date for all rows in the rivet.Migrations table. You really, really don't want to do this in real life.


Update-Row 'Migrations' @{ MigrationID = 'MigrationID + 1' } -Raw -Where 'MigrationID=20130101010101'

Demonstrates how to pass a SQL expression as the value for the column to update: use the -RawColumnValue switch.